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Croatia is an enduro paradise, or if you want, an enduro haven!!! The terrain is so vast including woods, rocks, open meadows, gnarly single tracks, hills and steps mountains, and of course completely unspoiled wilderness!! We are lucky to call Croatia our homemade, and this amazing place offers a great balance between happenings and amazing views!!!

Many people say Croatia is an enduro paradise!! Homemade food, amazing views and lot of history!! We will ride miles and miles of off-road tracks and visit history of WW1, WW2 battles lands and bunkers!!

We have excellent knowledge of Roman history, Croatian geography, archeology, and culture!!

Croatia Enduro proposes a simple: to enjoy in your holidays and be happy!!!

Different tracks and routs every day, between 30-60-120 km. Everything you want, your wishes will come true. Panorama tour 120km Starting with aflutter from 300m, and going high to 1200m, choice number one.

Enduro tours includes

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Lunch break

SOS vehicle

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Food and drink

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Beautiful Croatia Enduro Tours

Silvester Pavlović – Croatian Trial Champion 2019, 2020.

  • We have trails for beginners, hobby drivers and for professionals.
  • Only in Croatia you can drive by the sea, and after an hour you can bee in the top of the mountains.
  • Driving through battlefields World War II, with views of Roman fortresses
  • I pay attention to make sure you feel happy and comfortable
  • Perfect weather
  • Accommodation near sea (only 17 km)
  • We offer the perfect playground for your offroad/enduro school. It features over 16 hectares of private enduro land with various tracks for all levels, and super-enduro barriers

Croatia Enduro Tours All Levels

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